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CatholicAudioMedia for the Week of Oct 24

Hello and welcome to the last week of the month.

Here in Boston we are moving forward into the Autumn season and one question people ask is when should we turn on the heat? I learned a rule I followed form the subreddit for Boston r/Boston: At Trick or Treat, I turn on heat.

It seems a good rule to follow.

Speaking of Reddit, we have a subreddit there now. If you are on Reddit, visit and join r/catholicaudiomedia.

This Week:

Coming up this week, on The Voice of St. Anthony Parish—WROL 950 am and 3pm ET also the V numbered episodes at any of our podcast platforms including

Monday is the homily on Monday asking how would you see the two people in Sunday's Gospel?

Tuesday-Thursday is my interview with Lisa M. Hendley about her ministry as the founder of which is now a service of the Holy Cross Family Ministries. She is the author of a great devotional book for families and individuals and more called 5 Minute Prayer Around the Advent Wreath, available from Ave Maria Press.

Do not this is NOT an affiliate connection.

We will talk about Catholic life and her ministry and more. Enjoy.

Friday we will continue with our newest series with St. Anthony Parishioner Alfred Mirra.

The morning show which airs at 12M ET on WEZE 590 am and is the O lettered program at and other podcast platforms.

I will be discussing the first readings this week which are from Ephesians. This include the famous line wives be submissive to your husbands, what does that really mean and the often forgotten admonition not to nag your children which I discuss in light of school grades.

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Don't forget our phone number 617 297 7452. I mention this week that if you call and leave a message, I will call you back. Not a secretary or a producer but me, so feel free.

Enjoy our programs. Don't forget you can leave a comment at the comment tab. You can show your support for the program at the donate tab and on the front page of the website and you can come visit us at Mass Sundays at 10:00 am at St. Anthony Parish 43 Holton St. Allston, MA 02134

Have a blessed week,

Fr. Robert J Carr


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