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Mugs and More to Support

the Media  Outreach of St. Anthony Parish

Fr. Carr addresses the need to be first of all people of prayer in our quest for faith. We must seek to live the spirit of the law and we cannot do it without prayer. 

I’ve been reading your book, and I’ve been enjoying it. You were hugely bold in what you wrote down there. I particularly liked that part in which you explained that standard good people are not always good people in God’s eyes, and that being real good means always do God’s will. That was strong for me! --Fr. Adriano Zandoná

A great mug for coffee hour after Mass to remind people that the goal of holiness is not filled with smooth, shiny, easy paths. It is as they say a marathon not a sprint.

A great discussion starter for Catholic life, homily reflection and even to help those discouraged by a recent failure. 

St. Teresa of Avila reminded her readers in Way of Perfection that at the end of the road was the greatest of all treasures, therefore the road was expected to be difficult 
coffee in heaven.JPG
Teach your fellow coffee drinkers that Heaven is the place to be if they want to so imbibe for all eternity. A great and humorous way to begin a discussion at coffee hour, Bible study or even at home or office. 

The message is Wherever you go when you die, if they don't have coffee, you are not in the good place.
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