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Independently Writing

I self-publish my books, my blogs and everything else I create. There is a reason for why. I have no intention of having someone decide whether my work should be published or whether my message is correct for the publishing world.

Monsignor Jonas Abib wrote one of the most popular books on Bible reading and praying with the Bible. However, I bet you have not read it. The reason? He writes in Portuguese. I spoke with several Catholic publishers about bringing it here to the English speaking audience and they said "no". He is not known here and they will not risk the investment to bring it into English in case it does not sell here. If you can read in Portuguese you can enjoy this wonderful book on your Kindle. That is because Amazon understands the power of self-publishing as does Lulu by the way, with whom I publish.

The history of my writing attitude, I believe comes from when I grew up. Back then you could not be a writer. I mean that literally, all the experts in writing would tell all new writers that they succeeded, but we cannot. I think that whole condescending thought of the writing teacher with the pince-nez looking down at what a student wrote just traumatized me to the point that I do not want a publishing house telling me how I should write, just so that they can make me successful. I want to write what I have to say, if it is successful, or not, I am happy with it.

So, I publish independently, my latest is actually an update of a book I wrote several years ago. [Lessons for Living Catholicism from Inside Parish Ministry formerly Lukewarm No More] I realized however, looking it over and distant from when I first published, that I mistitled it. The book is not about being a stronger Catholic, I realized, but about ministry in the trenches where I help others to be strong Catholics through my experience. I needed to change the title and the direction of it.

Maybe a publisher or an agent could have helped me see that before, but I am sure they are so busy with dealing with other manuscripts they would just send it back rejected.

I publish on my own, offer it to others and if it makes it big, wonderful, if not, wonderful. It is what it is, with or without a marketing department.

So, enjoy my writing, because it is mine, not mine filtered through an editor, or a publisher, but mine filtered through the idea of what is my best for you. I hope it serves you well.

By the way, I have been self publishing on Lulu for over a decade.

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