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Prepare Yourself for Trials

You have seen the smiling Christian on TV that leads you to believe that once you know Christ your life is "all kinds of wonderful" The irony is that all the apostles' lives changed radically once they met Jesus and all but one were martyred. Had they never met Jesus their lives would have been much easier.

So it can be for us, once we meet Jesus our life radically changes and the for the good eternally, but in the short run it may be more difficult. Remember this, Jeremiah cursed the day he was born. He, Moses and Elijah all wished they were dead. If you think their lives were easy, you would obviously be wrong. Yet they are considered the greatest of the prophets. In the long run, they came to the greatest reality a human can experience, but it was not easy.

If you have chosen to embrace your Catholic faith, expect great difficulties. Expect that your life will become messy with challenges and, like Job, expect that your friends who seek an easier life will criticize you for your choices. However, persevere, for if you persevere you will pass through the difficult times and come to the glory Jesus promised you.

Go now and read Sirach 2:1-11 and remember when things are difficult, you are going through the fire that is destroying your impurities that you may be like holy gold in the Kingdom of God.

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