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We Trust in Christ at All Times: Invitation to the Consecration to Christ through Mary

There is a lot of tension in our country right now. I can hear a lot of worry. Many people tell of what we can call conspiracy theories about the future, the election, the world. Some promoting them are even high ranking officials in the church. Are they true? Or are they just foolishness? Two good questions for which I do not have the answer.

What concerns me is if we encourage people to look at the theories and not teach people of faith to focus on Christ. It really concerns me greatly to see words from Catholics talk about fighting against things like stolen elections, a coming Communist tyranny and something called the great reset and not simultaneously speaking about conversion and prayer.

Let us assume all of these conspiracy theories are correct. What is the worst thing that could happen? You can list some great tribulations but none of them will be the worst thing to happen. So, what is? You losing your soul. Nothing is worse than that. So, what should be your highest priority. Saving your soul and leading others to salvation as well.

Many are afraid that we are soon to be living the events of the Apocalypse, the Book of Revelation. OK let us assume that to be true. I am not saying this is true. I am just saying that if this is your fear, let's look at it closely. It is a scary book but who wins in the end? It is not a cabal of billionaires trying to take over the world, it is not even the devil. It is God himself. He always wins.

If these conspiracy theories are true, are you going to fight against them and win? What will you do to defeat these great political forces, especially if, as the theorists say, the devil is working through them? Are you going to defeat these principalities and powers? Actually no. No matter how prepared you might be. No matter how strong you might be, you will not defeat them at least on your own, nor with anyone's army.

Why? St. Paul reminds us our battle against these principalities requires the right weapons and they are not arms you can find anywhere else but in Christ. You find the list of them at Ephesians 6:10ff

I learned a long time ago that God fights evil directly. We do not. Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko taught we fight evil by doing good. That is a direct quote from St. Paul in the twelfth chapter of Romans.

We need to focus on Christ and seek to be his agents and disciples in the world. We need to look to Mary as the Mediatrix of all graces.

We need to consecrate ourselves in this new year to Christ through

We need to consecrate ourselves in this new year to Christ through Mar

What was St. Faustina’s message. Promote the mercy of God because after mercy comes judgement.

What is the message of Fatima, Russia will spread her errors throughout the world . . .but in the end my heart will triumph.

Are you focusing on part 1 of the message, part 2 which talks about the tribulations or part 3. What if Mary said to you that all these conspiracies are true but you must go through them in order for her heart to triumph and Christ to be victor. What would you say?

Starting on December 17, I am encouraging everyone who reads this to begin a 33 day consecration to Mary. There are several versions out there including one by St. Louis de Montford and one by Fr. Michael Gately, MIC. Please seek out and choose a version and begin reading it and praying for the thirty-three days which will lead us up to the inauguration.

I picked the first day to be December 17th because that is the first day of the O antiphons, it is 8 days before Christmas and it will remind us of the Fatima message that happened in 1917. You can do this at home. The restrictions of the pandemic make for the perfect environment to do this.

Remember, as Catholics we received the call to be servants of Christ in the world. That is our true priority. The rest of it is really not our battle. Our battle is for the salvation of souls as it has always been.


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